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Africa Sustainable Tourism Specialist

Jillian Blackbeard

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Jillian is dedicated to Africa tourism, conservation, and how they can work symbiotically for positive outcomes. She has been involved in the African tourism industry for over 10 years, first for a Southern African hotel and resort chain, followed by five years as director for marketing and product development at the Botswana Tourism Organization, followed by Director for Africa for The World Travel and Tourism Association. She is now the CEO of The Victoria Falls Regional Tourism Association, the first purely private sector driven organization representing the entire KAZA region (Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe), which is currently undertaking an ambitious destination marketing campaign to help the region and its stakeholders survive the ravages of COVID-19. She is a sought after speaker at international conferences and events on the importance of Intra-African Travel and opportunities and challenges for the sector across the African continent. Her passion for conservation even reaches into her home, where she has become the de facto adoption agency for over 20 orphaned animals.

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