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The Situation

Tourism destinations often face challenging situations. The Holy Land Inbound Tour Operators Association (HLITOA) faced several challenges in increasing tourism in the West Bank, especially perceived security issues. (Imagine trying to attract visitors to Palestine.) The city of Bethlehem needed to expand its audience beyond pilgrimage travelers.

The Insight

To address the HLITOA challenge, we know that travelers warm to a destination through getting to know the people who live there.  

For Bethlehem, we looked to its geographic location, as well as its best known icon, the Star of Bethlehem.

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The Solution

Green Team Global worked with DAI and USAID to remedy these situations. We developed a brand forPalestine Tourism, embracing the area’s historic name and heritage. We created a series of communication materials that featured various people who live in several cities, thus helping to humanize the destination, and make it feel less threatening.


For Bethlehem, We developed a new brand identity that included a logo that incorporated the star, as well as the crossroads aspect of the city. We developed a tag line that was inviting, and hinted at the spiritual importance of the city.

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The Results

Both the HLITOA and Bethlehem campaigns have been met with favor from local tour operators and other stakeholders. The campaigns have been in use since 2017.

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