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Seychelles Tourism Board

Seychelles Tourism Board

The Situation

For years, the Seychelles had enjoyed overwhelming positivity in the US market, but nearly zero awareness. When you mentioned the Seychelles to someone they would inevitably “Ooo” and “Ahh” but they could almost never tell you where the Seychelles were, what there was to do there or how one could actually visit. Seychelles is a very long-haul destination forAmerican travelers, but it offers an enticing product offering, especially when combined with other destinations in Africa. The challenge was nobody knew that and the destination often wasn’t being effectively sold in-market.

The Insight

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The Solution

Since 2014 CornerSun has worked with the Seychelles Tourism Board on both travel trade and media facing engagements in the US market. Although the destination’s budgets for the US market are small, we have served as an advisor to the tourism board to help best determine the most effective tactics to drive strategic interest in the Seychelles. These have included participation in key travel trade shows, partnerships with important associations, press trips, trade engagement and working closely with complimentary destinations, airlines and products

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The Results

Since 2014, tourist arrivals to the Seychelles from America have increased 113% and we have facilitated the inclusion of Seychelles into dozens of tour operator itineraries often beating out competitive destinations such as Mauritius, Maldives and Zanzibar. Seychelles remains a dream-destination for many American tourists however now when people approach at trade shows they aren’t just “Ooo”’ing the name “Seychelles”, they are now aware of where the destination is, have an idea of how to get there and in many cases, have already started planning a trip or even visited. This is a night and day difference from people’s awareness of Seychelles in 2014.

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