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Visit Arctic Europe

Visit Arctic Europe

The Situation

Visit Arctic Europe is a joint tourism-marketing project ofNorthern Norway, Finish Lapland and Swedish Lapland. It is funded by theEuropean Union development fund for tourism. The goal of the project is tobrand the northern regions of Norway, Sweden and Finland as one unifieddestination. Although Norway, Finland and Sweden were all already soldsuccessfully in the US, “Arctic Europe” was a totally unknown destination andfew if any operators were selling cross-border itineraries. It represented anew way to present the destinations that required a new marketing approach.

The Insight

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The Solution

CornerSun provided travel trade relations services to promote this new region and inspire new itinerary creation. This was accomplished through the establishment of a partnership with the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and the creation of a competitive joint marketing agreement (JMA) program for tour operators interested in the Arctic. Since Arctic Europe was anew destination, another major goal of the program was to generate content featuring the destination as an entire region. For this, a partnership with MatadorNetworks was established which yielded a collection of social media content, custom promotional videos and long-form articles. To compliment these activities, a series of FAM and press trips to the destination generated additional content and facilitated the creation of new trip programs by US operators.

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The Results

Four separate FAM trips targeting the travel trade and media successfully introduced Arctic Europe to the American audience and led to substantial press content and new program offerings featuring the region. The competitive JMA program named Pacific Holidays as the winner and we worked to co-develop and market their newest packages to the region (three new programs in total). Finally, the program with Matador Networks generated 2.6+ million video impressions of our new content plus 620k+ impressions on the four articles generated for the campaign

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