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REI Adventures One Epic Trek

REI Adventures One Epic Trek

The Situation

REI Adventures had just created a new product for the Peruvian Andes, the Ausangate Lodge-to Lodge Trek.

The Insight

Green Team Global saw the launch of the new trip as an opportunity to generate exciting, new, exclusive content for our client, PROMPERU.

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The Solution

Working closely with REI Adventures and PROMPERU, GTG developed a two-prong campaign to promote travel to the Peruvian Andes.

The first element of the campaign was a Media Trip. REI Adventures invited five editors and journalists (who specialize in adventure travel) to take the new Ausangate trek in July 2019. During and after the trip, the participants wrote, photographed, shot video and covered the experience on a variety of digital channels. GTG hired a videographer to follow the journalists and further document their experiences.

The second element of the campaign was a consumer-facing sweepstakes, One Epic Trek, where the winner and a guest would take the Ausangate Lodge-To-Lodge themselves. We used content generated during the Media Trip to promote the consumer sweepstakes.

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The Results

The media trip generated a large amount of new content:

  • 29 new static posts
  • 409 new stories
  • 931,550 impressions
  • 7,560 engagements
  • 11.1% total engagement rate

The consumer sweepstakes generated

  • 23,178,049 total impressions
  • 84 Ausangate Lodge-To-Lodge Trip bookings (a $335,916 value)
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